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Travel Friends Small Guitar

34’’ guitars are convenient to carry around, so they can be a friend to travel around the world with....

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1. Product introduction of Travel friends small guitar

Travel friends small guitar features a small body of 36 inches, which is a better choice for smaller people, especially children. What’s more, the small size of Travel friends small guitar and the strap pins also make it convenient for performers to play on stage or outdoors. Other guitar accessories can be matched with Travel friends small guitar to form a guitar kit of your own design.

2. Product parameters of Travel friends small guitar




Travel friends   small guitar






Synthetic fretboard


die-cast head machine






Natural Wood Color

3. Product picture of Travel friends small guitar

Small size

Due to the small size, the guitar is easy to carry and performers are able to play guitar wherever they want.


Metal die-cast head machine

Comfortable design of head machine makes it easier to tune the guitar.


Guitar neck

The shape and size of guitar neck is designed according to the least strenuous way to grip to neck.


End pin


4. About Us

模板3. 公司简介+生产车间+客户类型+展会

5. Certificates


6.Packing and Shipping



7.Why Choose Us



1) Q: I am new in musical instrument business, which model is good for starting?

A: We are glad to know your are in the field, please leave your email, we will send you detail market information and hot-selling models.

2) Q: Do you require a deposit?

A: We do require a non-refundable 30% deposit. This secures your instrument's position in the build schedule once the design has been approved by you.

You may make periodic payments while your instrument is in production or pay off the balance upon completion...whichever is easiest for you. Once it is finished, we will contact you to confirm your delivery option of choice and complete payment. Your instrument will then be sent to you.

3)  Q: What products does Vines Music supply?

A: We are professional in manufacture good quality guitars, ukulele, violin and relevant accessories. We provide stock wholesale and custom brand service.

4)  Q: How do you calculate shipping cost?

A: The shipping cost depends on your order quantity. We'll compare different methods and quote you the best option. Can ship as your requirement also.

5)  Q: Can you make left hand guitar?

A: All our guitars can be made left hand, kindly confirm your order quantity and contact us for more information.

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