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Ukulele Kit Pack
Dec 28, 2018

Gift and gadgets make a easy way to play ukulele,and also good bundle for online selling.

In this article we will introduce some different type of accessories that hotselling with bundle ukulele packs. If a beginner want to buy a ukulele, he/she must consider to buy some accessories as teacher/online lesson told them, bundle is a good practical choice!

We can also make custom package for your Amazon/Ebay or other line shop.

Now let’s begin!

Ukulele case

A ukulele case is very important for the safety of the ukulele. If one travels a lot, they will need a hard case for extra protection of the ukulele. A good case is very strong but light for ease of transport with straps that can be adjusted to suit anyone carrying it, regardless their size.  The inside should be fitted with a thick padding to allow the ukulele sit snugly with little wiggle room. An outside pouch for keeping other accessories is a nice addition too, but far from mandatory. 

Lastly, make sure you are buying the right size case! With four common sizes you will want to make sure that the case will fit the Ukulele they already have! 

Our Recommendation:

10mm Ukulele Padded Gig Bag(5)

PG-U15 10Mm Ukulele Padded Gig Bag, three size available: 21” 24” 26”

Click picture to view more.

This is the type of case we love! Lightweight, durable, and secure, with the added bonus of extra storage for all of your capos, extra strings, and tuners! 

Custom logo can be printed on the accessory pocket.


A Shoulder Strap

Despite the fact that the ukulele is very light and can be played without a shoulder strap, many players like it as it adds to their comfort and stability when playing the ukulele. The best strap gives the players a chance to strut their ukuleles when standing.

Straps are made mostly of nylon, woven cotton or soft leather with patterns.

It can fixed with a pin whole or a sound hole hook. Every ukulele are with strap pin, additional, you cal add more characteristics with a color strap pin.

Straps give players a chance to showcase their unique style!

Our Recommendation:

PE-A94 The cost-effective item for ukulele bundle at low price, an strap pin type shoulder strap.

leather end ukulele strap



Made of cotton, it is lightweight and both ends are made of a durable leather. It can also be adjusted up to 49'', which should be long enough for even the biggest adults.  Last but not least, it's bright colors are perfect for the cheer a ukulele normally brings!

clip on ukulele strap

Ukulele picks

When deciding how to strum a Ukulele you have two basic choices, you can use your fingers, or a pick. Both have different sounds and benefits, picks are easy to use and make ukulele playing less tiresome.

It is advisable for a ukulele player to have at least one pick. Because ukulele strings are generally softer than guitar strings we recommend thickness at 0.46mm~0.72mm for plastic material picks and also the better choice, an felt/leather pick.

Our Recommendation:

PK-A10 Hotselling celluloid picks, mixed size, 0.46mm~1.12mm, can be used on guitar.

celluloid bass pick

Click picture to view more.

PK-U600 Leather pick, 3pcs per set, three color, logo can be print.

ukulele leather picks


The fact is: The more you play, the more changing strings you'll be doing. This is normal and just simply caused from wear and tear that occurs as they are fretted.

Our recommendation:


replacement ukulele string set


Capos are more commonly found in the world of playing guitar, and not all ukulele players own one or feel they need one. Nevertheless, it may be fun trying them out in the ukulele. It could very well be something a newer ukulele player wouldn't even consider, and therefor a great idea! 

While a guitar capo will work for a ukulele, we recommend a uke specific capo to make sure the tension is not to high and because they are much smaller. 

Our Recommendation:

PB-U110 Zinc alloyed ukulele capo, for all size of ukulele, three colors are available

Zinc Alloy Ukulele Capo (1)


Wrap Up

There you have it! 5 MUST accessories for ukulele players of all skill levels and experiences! 

Contact us for more detail about custom bundle service and package!

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