Ukulele and Guitarlele

  • Cute Design Solid Mahogany Concert Ukulele

    Cute Design Solid Mahogany Concert Ukulele Product features: 1.Select solid Mahogany give warm sound 2.Innovative 50% glossy painted, keeps the ukulele in good look and allows the top board resonate better. 3.Cute design decoration, get fun from small thing
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  • Engraved Top Cute Mahogany Ukulele

    GK-45 engraved top cute Mahogany ukulele is a series of satin finish ukuleles, with engraved cute pattern on top board in three different theme: seasons, family and carton. It is a good series for sale as gift. Also with full size range: Soprano, Concert, Tenor, attract...
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  • Professional Handmade Solid Wood Tenor Ukulele

    K50SS-27 professional handmade solid wood tenor ukulele is for professional performance and players, made of grade A western cedar and rosewood, with a simple but stately appearance in natural gloss finish
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  • Gloss Hawaiian KOA Tenor Ukulele

    Smiger’s new gloss Hawaiian KOA tenor Ukulele is for professional performance and players, with a solid spruce top and natural KOQ back n sides. with a simple but stately appearance in natural gloss finish
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  • Zebrawood 4 String Concert Ukulele

    VinesMusic 23inch student Zebrawood concert ukulele, also available in three size: 21”, 23”, 26. We offer ukulele in good looks, good sounds and good price!
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  • Solid Top Mahogany Ukulele

    Solid Top Mahogany Ukulele SS14 is a new design for Music China 2018. VinesMusic plans to make a nature wood color on demand from the fair, it will come out soon.
    With a solid Mahogany top, laminated Mahogany back, sides and neck, it gives warm and loud sound. The...
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  • Best Baritone Ukulele

    GKB-90Baritone Ukulele is 30” ukulele, gives the deepest sound in ukulele family.
    There is not many factories produce baritone ukulele but VinesMusic produces. With select material and masterly craft, we want to make the best baritone ukulele.
    If you are a big...
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  • 6 String Baritone Ukulele

    The Guitarlele is a hybrid between a guitar and ukulele, its six Nylon strings tuned like a guitar. It is perfect for strumming alone or you can take this small and versatile instrument with you anywhere to play with friends. Vines’s 6 string baritone Ukulele are formed by...
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  • 6 String Spruce Top Guitarlele

    The Guitarlele is a hybrid between a guitar and ukulele, with 6 Nylon string but in a small size, it give bright tone like ukulele. Vines’s 6 string Spruce top Guitarlele is with classical acoustic look, also can be called a 6 string baritone ukulele.
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  • Matt Finish 4 String Nylon Ukulele Kit

    GK series, Best sale for Amazon in American market, Economic ukulele kit from China factory cheap ukulele price.
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  • 21 Inch Ukulele Kit Ukulele Soprano

    Colorful small ukulele, very popular for kids & beginner, competitive price and good quality. All basswood body. And high-gloss.
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  • Abalone Binding Concert Ukulele

    SMIGER ARS-20-24 Abalone binding concert ukulele is a special mode among Vines’s summer ukulele series, it does like its peers, outstands with its dark lacquer and crack pattern. When you chilled by color tone, a warm color arm bevel softens its coldness. Cool face but a warm...
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